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I am making a movie DVD site.


Some one explain to me which module these guys used to make this website?



what I am looking from this website see where they categories the movies by


" Director"


wheer you can click the link the director name and see other movies that he director or by clicking the actor name you can see other movies he acted.


some one tell me which module they used?

do you think I can use this module?



some one please help me on this!!!


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make a complete list of what features you want to accomplish. Scour the contributions - read what they are casue the one you pointed out is only one of many you will need to ruin that kind of business.


Determine your skill set - if you cant do certain things find the people you need who can. Then buckle up and hit the gas - its not an overnight job.

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Virtual 1 is just being honest with you - for what you require a lot of amendments to the basic osC store will be required - which is not a quick job and will not be sorted with one contrib.


Maybe Email the store owner and see if they can give some guidance one what contributions are needed.

Your online success is Paramount.

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Sorry - i thought that was pretty clear.


Let me put it this way: you need to invest some time in your project. You want the site to do what the other guys site does - so figure out what contributions you need by looking at the contributions section. At the end of the day nobody here is going to say "here's everything you need".


Sorry, I cant/won't spend the day shopping the contribs section for you. Thats your job.


Do some work dude.


If you cant do the things you need to do to make your site - find someone who can. But be prepared to break out your wallet. You have weeks of work ahead of you and NOBODY but you will do that for free.



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