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The e-commerce.

Really need help


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I tried to email the guy who wrote this, but his mail box is full. I couldn't seem to find any other info about it on the forum.


I need Retail Price and Our Price for some products. Others just have Retail. The contribution EZ New Fields looked like it would have been perfect, IF I could get it to do what it's supposed to.


I really need help. Either I'm really confused by now or something is wrong.


First, I have it so it's appearing on my pages.


1) This is how it's supposed to look as well as the page design. PLEASE NOTE the page design of the main table does not cover the whole screen.

See: http://katlynskornergifts.com/catalog/prod...?products_id=28


2) This one is NOT working correctly and has messed up my page design.



This really blows my mind because it is the same product_info.php as the one above. How are the right boxes being shifted to the bottom of the page? You can see the prices are:


Retail Price: $0.00

Your Price: $299.99

You Save: %


& shouldn't show at all for products without Retail & Your prices. It should just show the one price and without the discount. However, it is appearing whether there is a price or not. See:




In Admin -> My Store, I have "Ezier New Fields Decimals Places" set for 2 decimals , but in the Catalog -> Categories/Products, under the product it shows 4 decimals:

Products Price (Net): 299.9900

Products Retail Price: 0.00

Products Price (Gross): 320.9893


In the dbase, products_price is decimal(15,4) default 0.000, products_retail_price is decimal(10,2) default Null



I really need someones help. I've been fighting with this forever.


Thanks so much

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