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Include application_top twice?


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Hi all,

First of all, I'm a newbie, so please be gentle : )


I've converted the shopping_cart.php page to output a string so that I can embed it into flash. The idea is to have a shopping cart module on all the pages of the site so that the user always has access to the cart's contents.


Ok, so the cart is outputing a string "eg. echo whatever string"


Now what I've done is included the shopping_cart.php page on my product_info.php page, so that the output from shopping_cart.php appears on product_info.php.


Unfortunately this is bringing up an error. It seem that the application_top.php include is being called twice: once from product_info.php and once from my shopping_cart.php include. This is causing a conflict the tep_db_connect function.


How do I solve this?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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