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Shopping Cart straight to Checkout Confirmation


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Ok thing i put this in the wrong forums....Opps sollly



Ok what do I change? can it be done....


i don't want users to have to go thru all the "checks" before confirmation, there is no shipping costs and they are only "ordering" as invoicing is done thru a different system....


i them to go from the shopping cart to the confirmation page....to check the delivery address and make changes in the cart if necessary then check out...


i have tried just changing the href in the shopping cart page...i upload and it works once then if i go thru the process again it goes to checkout_shipping.php again...why does it work the first time but not again?


so basically all i want to do is cut out the checkout_shipping and checkout_payment and go straight to checkout_confirmation...



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ok ive been fluffing around with things and have sorted it out slightly


I have managed to get it to go from shopping_cart.php to the checkout_confirmation on clicking the continue button but if there are any changes...ie the remove anything when editing...if they click continue then when they click on continue then it goes to the checkout_shipping again..??



HELP! this is getting reallllly frustrating :blink: :unsure:

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