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The e-commerce.

First Site - Now Live ... :-)


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After several months of confuscion I've just gone live with my first OSC site - what do you think?


It's meant to be usable and efficient rather than pretty - after all, most people who want to buy ink cartridges want to find their cartridges and your prices/delivery costs for them quickly rather than browse all of your products (which they don't need...) ... so I've left a lot of standard functions (like 'Reviews' and 'New Products') out because they're not needed.


Any hints on layout/colours/things not working or just general stuff like download times would be very welcome. And if you find any errors or stupid things you can have some special brownie points ... :)


Site is here:




The site is live, so please if you try out the shopping cart please use 'Test' as part of your login/address and a card number of 4111111111111111 (4 with 15 ones) so I can delete the test logins later.


Thanks for all of your help.



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not my cup of tea. i understand the connection between all the color and the name but it doesnt work for me.


Looks less than professional for a product dealing with i would think a lot of businesses.

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I do not like the background colors that you are using. Most rules covering web site design stress the use of white space. Also, the column widths are a bit wide. I think you should embed more pictures of your products in the main body of the page and do more selling.


I do like the credit card icons and the GeoTrust Notice. If the background color were white or a light silver they would look better and play more to the Rain Bow theme that you are trying to create. Sometimes less is more.


Good luck!

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when i opened this site my retenas detached lol, Good "ideas" but implemented wrong. Maybe you should have the Background one color and still keep the header multi colored ? just a idea .

There are many very useful OsC Contributions

BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! You did backup, right??

And remember if you didnt back up its not a big deal, You

just have to do everything all over again.

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I personally think these guys are being a little hard on you.


The rainbow backdrop is a little unorthodox but I don't find it offensive. The use of colours is brave but it just about works. Just browsing the rest of this forum will yield some stores which are far more more ugly than this one.


Good luck!

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Hi Pixxi


I think it might work better if you lost the colour in the header. I can see what you are trying to get across and I dont find the background of the main site offensive at all, but I dont think it combines very well with the header background. They clash to much.


Best of British to you!!

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AHHH!! I'm BLIND!!...tone down the colors a bit..I nearly closed it as soon as it opened and I wasn't even looking to buy ink right now...

Contribs added:

AdminLogin-Catalog With Images-Credit Class/Gift Voucher-CoolMenu

EasyPopulate-LoginBox-Paypal Shopping Cart IPN-PDF Catalogs

Product Listing In Columns - Image Strip


...the young jedi said to his master "you want me to do WHAT?"

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