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hi All


I have everything working just fine I am really pleased with my site put I have one final hurdle to overcome.... probably more a small bush than a hurdle.


I have purchased a seperate domain that I have set up as a secure server. The intention is to have several sites selling different types of products but just the one secure server to host the secure payment details. FYI The reason is that this site will not be a payment gateway in the paypal sense rather a storage place for processing payments offline ie card holder not present. My reason for this is that UK banks hike a bigger percentage for online transactions typically 2.75% to cover fraudulent transactions. My average transaction will be ?500+ so I can do without the extra %age. Offline I am only paying 0.75%. Secondly it tends to require further card holder verification typically a threeway telephone call due to the amounts.


So theres the background sorry for the rambling.... heres the question.


What is the proceedure for setting this up to work? At a guess I would need to set up configure.php to enable ssl and point the https domain and https cookiepath to this server.


What files would I need on this server I was thinking of setting it up like this






Would this work ( probably too simple)


Any advice greatly appreciated




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