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Redirect old site to new??


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I need a way to redirect visitors from my old site which is at www.badhead.com/catalog to new site at www.badhead.com/shop/catalog.

For various reasons I need to leave the old site active and accessible for a while - I just need to either show a link to the new site on every page of the old site OR redirect automatically from all pages except the ones I need left active on the old site.

Any simple way to do this??



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create an index page at you old location and enter the following javascript in the page:




In the location you would enter the full URL to your new site.


Should redirect pretty quickly. You may also want to add a link anyway incase the script doesn't fire off on older browsers or browsers that don't support javascript.

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best way to do this, if you want to redirect regarding the access page, is do to htaccess in your old directory

eg : www.site.ltd/oldfolder/test.php > www.site.ltd/newfolder/test.php

and www.site.ltd/oldfolder/ok.php > www.site.ltd/oldfolder/ok.php > this page stay same page, no redirection


it's a little bit longer if you have lot of pages, because each page need to be speficied in htaccess file, BUT it's the easyest way i know

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