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Configuring attributes on products--need advice!


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I'm setting up a store for a business that sells ceramics. They sell different pieces either finsihed (painted) or bisque (unpainted). Each piece will need this option.


They would like to be able to have a different price for finshed and bisque and each product's difference in the two prices is different--not a standard discount.


They will settle for having the bisque 25% off the finished price.


So how can I implement a pricing structure for that in osCommerce?


Any advice?



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This should help you, its on the wiki site (top right of this page)..


once you have added a product, go to "products attributes" which is under Configuration > Catalog.




Catalog - Products Attributes




First, you would setup the "Option Name" (under "Product Options" at the top left).

Using shirts as an example you would have at least 2 "Option Names", color and size.


Next, you will setup your "Option Values" (under "Option Values" at the top right).

In this section you will see a box that shows the "Option Names" that you have already setup.

You have color setup as an "Option Name" so make sure color is in this box.

Then, to the right of that box is a blank box where you type in one of your colors.

Do this for each color and then do this again for each size. Make sure you associate and "Option Value"

(red, white, blue) with an "Option Name" (color, size, etc.).


Now, you are ready to start adding options to your products.

Under the "Products Attributes" section at the bottom you will see a drop down box

listing all of your products that you have already put into your store. Choose one

and follow across the drop downs to the right. The next box is the "Option Names",

then the "Option Values", and then the price box. If the price stays the same on each

attribute then leave this box blank. If the price goes up or down on each attribute

then put an amount from the "base price" and put a "plus" or "minus" sign in the next box.


For Example:

size = medium = 10.00 (this is the regular price so no need to put a price in the "price box".

size = small = 8.00 (put 2.00 - (this is $2 with a "minus" sign from the base price of $10.00)

size = large = 12.00 (put 2.00 + (this is $2 with a "plus" sign from the base price of $10.00)

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I know how to do that. But this is different. Each product will have the two options, but the price difference changes with each product.


For example:


Ceramic Angel

Finished $65

Bisque $40


Ceramic Bird

Finished $25

Bisque $10


How can I do that? Am I going to have to set attributes for every product?

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