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Credit Cards without vcode?


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Is there a way of collecting and processing credit card orders without a payment module like authorize.net? This is an online store for a real store and they'd like to simply receive the CC #'s and send them in manually through their current reader at the store. Is this possible? If so how?


Also, when an order is placed how do I make it notify both the buyer and the seller that the order has gone through so the store knows to ship it out? Is there an e-mail submission? How does one create automatic e-mails to the customer when the order has been processed and shipped?


One final question. Is there a way to ask for the vcode (3 digit code on the back of CC) not using authorize.net or any other such payment system. Thank you so much for your help.



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The standard CC module has an option to send an email with the middle digits of the cc number to an email address of your choice. The other digits are stored and viewable in the orders section of admin.


There is also an "extra order email" option so the store operator can receive email notifications of orders received.


The cvv contributions should do what you need.

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