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Automated Auction Process v1.0


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Newbie needs help!


I installed "Purchase Without Account" on oscommerce-2.2ms2 and it seemed to work OK. I then installed "Automated Auction Process v1.0" and now when you go to "login" the following warning message occurs:


Warning: main(includes/FILENAME_PWA_PWA_LOGIN): failed to open stream: NO

such file of directory in /home/phun/public_html/mailboxpostcards/catalog/login.php on

line 154


Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required

'includes/FILENAME_PWA_PWA_LOGIN' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php')

in /home/phun/public_html/mailboxpostcards/catalog/login.php on line 154


Does anyone know what I've done wrong?

Thanks in advance..........Wil

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Hi Wilfred.....sorry I can't help you on your problem but maybe you could help me on mine. We installed Purchase without account "PWA v0.70" and when it was loaded and tried opening the whole program crashed fortunately we did a backup and everything is OK. What software did you use to run your purchase without account module. Your reply will be very helpful. This definitely is not my field and I'm sorry I can't help with your question.




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Well, that makes 2 of us, this isn't my field either.


However, to hopefully answer your question......


The operating system is Linux

Apache version is 1.3.29 (Unix)

PHP version 4.3.3

MySQL version 4.0.18-standard


Is this what you needed?



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In case anyone should need to know in the future..........


The total reinstall appears to have corrected a mistake I must have made. I haven't tried the auction manager yet to see if it will work. However, I'm not getting any error messages.


Good Luck to all...................Wil

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Sure, go to




and click on "Online Catalog" it will take you to


(or just go there directly)


I'm in the process of restoring my store products, but you should have no problem seeing what you need as I won't be touching that area anymore.


Note: I used the default "login_PWA"......instead of "login_PWA_optional" just because it looks better on my site.


Hope you get it going. If I can be of further help, let me know. However, I'm just a novice and don't know all that much.........Wil

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Hi Wilfred,


I'm thinking about installing the auction manager module, but I have a couple of questions after I looked at your website:


1. Which auction module did you install?


2. on the auctionout.php page, when the user checks out, what does it use to guage the s/h rate.


3. What about BINs, and second chance offers?.


4. I looked at this product: http://mailboxpostcards.phun.us/catalog/au...&products_id=91, which I arrived at my clicking:


http://mailboxpostcards.phun.us/catalog/au...1c4c97f9f95070.. but do you always have to click the "CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT OUR OTHER AUCTIONS! " to actually get to the listing, or can you go straight from the "auction Listings" page...


I would appreciate an addiational info you could give me about this module.



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