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The e-commerce.

Newly Designed Store


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Thank for reviewing my posting, please give me your thoughts on what's good and

what's bad about my site, I need also to know the following while you visit:


-Let me know how was the speed for you for the site:

-how easy is it to browse

-and all other things that need to be check.




My Webpage

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Good looking site. It seems a lot of customizations.


-(run time error, line 15, object expected) This error appears with every page load.

- I like the product pages, nice and clean.

- links at the top not working eg, bookmark us


Great job.




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The thumbnail photos look bad. I've found that it's best to have two sets of images. Don't let osC ruin good pix.


There are empty boxes in the left column.


All of the links in the right column need to be more recognizable. Follow some linking conventions. Underline or bullet of some sort.


'Support/Help' is only half linked.


You're not going to get ANY sales with that registration page. Why is all that info required?


Basically, you're site is half done. It looks like it could be good with some more effort .

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts, ideas, and help, I really appreciate your time replying to my post, I will definiately try to work all the things mentioned on this post.


I would like to know more for your prospect of what you thing of the





-and other things



Thanks again:


My Webpage

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it looks like you just threw a bunch of random colors/seasons together. a child could have fingerpainted a more organized website.


come up with a color scheme and get rid of that annoying christmas stuff. it reminds me of those people who leave the lights up all year round cuz they're too lazy to take it down.

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Here are a few issues I have noticed:


1. You seem to be missing a link to the actual shopping cart, as well as to the checkout, which could be frustrating. I don't want to have to add another product to my cart, then remove it, just to get to the checkout process.


2. There is no way to read the reviews that have been posted. I noticed that this product seems to have a review, but no way to access it.


3. When viewing products' info, even if there is no special price, the regular price has a strikeout through it, and the "Our Price" Box is present, but empty. A little disconcerting.


4. On a product with options (such as memory upgrade, etc on this product ) the "Available Options" text is above the product's description, then the actual options are below the product's description.


5. What is the Fisher Price baby seat picture on the left sidebar doing? It's not a link to a product, it doesn't seem to be serving any purpose other than space filler. If you really feel you need something there, I would insert the Search for Gifts box from the bottom of the page. It would keep the space usefully filled, and make it so a user doesn't have to scroll all the way down for that search box.


Finally, I don't want to be a real nit-picker, but there is no "Powered by osCommerce" text in the footer.





-So Many Games, So Little Time-

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The crazy, assaulting colors aside, you should do something about your thumbs. Try the Big Images contrib. It works great for me. It allows you to select 2 seperate images. One for the thumb, and one for the pop up. At the very least, you should set your height to the size you want, and set your width to nothing. Not zero; just leave it blank.

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Don, Tim and Kevin,


I appreciate your feedbacks.


Tim, thanks for actully browsing my site, you have find things that I didn't know existed: I will definately get all those done and other things you mentioned.


Kevin, I wil use the Big image contribution and reduce the images size for good quaility:


I'm about to have a new website design within 1-2 weeks. please look for it, It's professional done and will look very good:



Don, wait tell you see the new design you will CRY (coming in less then 1-2 weeks


Thanks all for your thoughts and ideas on improving my site.

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Kinda cutsey lol but good job on the custo work. Only thing is the colors on the header kinda hit you like a punch lol. Might wanna throw some primary colors in there :) But seriously great job and i might buy something lol

There are many very useful OsC Contributions

BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! You did backup, right??

And remember if you didnt back up its not a big deal, You

just have to do everything all over again.

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