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The e-commerce.

ProShop Express - site crtique.


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Hey guys,


The sites 99% complete. It's an online Golf Store based in Australia called ProShop Express. I've added 3 mods:


- Big Images (allowed me to upload 2 sets of images, one for thumbails and one for actual products shot).

- Remove Login (so customers don't have to sign up to purchase goods).

- Paymate (Australian version of Paypal)


I wanted the store to have a minimal look, so the products took pride of place and loaded quickly.


ProShop Express




ps the store is NOT live.

TheNews.com.au - freshley squeezed every morning!

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It looks good, but a little plain, IMO. Perhaps you could add some color, for example make a header background image using scenery from a golf course. It might also help to add an intro paragraph saying why customers should buy from you..."lowest prices", "largest selection", etc.

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Nice and loads very fast. The navigation buttons seem a bit small to me, particularly the checkout button.


your site makes me want tee it up ... fore!

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'Add to cart' needs to be bigger and more prominent.


I would bullet or underline all of the links in 'column_left'.


You don't need this:

'This product was added to our catalog ...'


Why are Gender and DOB required.


Consider having AUS pre-selected in the country box. (Assuming most of your customers are in Aus)


On contact_us:

make 'sales@proshopexpress.com' a mailto link.


I would add some white space under your footer. It looks like the page is cut off.


Why list manufacturers with no products?



Nice job!!!

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I like it, very clean, to the point, quick loading, and easy on the eyes. The store gets right to business.


While it might appear "stock" to some I can see that some effort was afforded to give it just the above mentioned appearance.


Well done.



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Rock on dude, I like! The only concern is the gray bar at the top. Might be to tall or the font should be increased, it seems the text 'login, My Account...' should be bigger.



I would change the wordings around to get rid of the osCommerces feel.

For example get rid of "Lets see what we have here" or just say 'Products'.

Another example, you could change 'My Account' to 'Profile', and so on.



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I really like teh colors and stuff but hwo did u redirect it to go to index.php isnt it suppossed to be in the catalog directory..is that a mod?

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I've looked at many, many oscommerce sites both here in the forum and the showcase on the main oscommerce site. Yours is one of the handful that as a designer I would even think about immulating or giving kudos to I really like the minimalism approach and the great product graphics(large but not too large) are also a positive feature. Your color scheme is great lime green, gray, and white. Not too much. The only think I would like to see is a tie in to the green some other place to make it more interesting. And I'm not talking anything major. Like your black search button could be green for example. I like how the add to cart buttons are green. Anyway, this is a great looking site.

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