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The e-commerce.

Review my site pls - Almost ready to go live


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I would appreciate any feedback, good or bad for my site :-




I have not changed as much of the standard OSC look/layout as most other sites I have seen, because I think the standard layout is pretty good.

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Thought I'd chip in with some thoughts seeing as it's so quiet here (I'm in the UK too so your site caught my eye!).


The layout is quite "stock", so not much too comment on there - the colour is nice and looks tidy.


You could possibly consider dropping the Languages and Currency boxes as there aren't any alternate options, would reduce load times and clutter. I'd personally drop the "requests since" text in the footer as it serves no real use to potential customers - only makes your database work harder!


Also when I view the Categories > Filters page (http://www.aquatics-uk.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=23) I can see two spurious 'n' characters under the title, I had a quick look in the source but couldn't see what was causing it - but it shows up in IE6 and Opera on my machine.

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Thansk for the feedback :)


I am going to remove the language and currency boxes, but I am a newbie and dont know how to revove the "reguests sice" text. Is this easy to do?


I am not sure what causes the "n's" to appear. I have tried to fix it, but cant work out where they are coming from.

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I have sorted out all the problems that were mentioned, and my webhost has increased the badwidth of their internet connection so the site is nice and fast.


I am planning to go live in just over 2 weeks. Any other comments/suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance



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