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The e-commerce.

Back to square one


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Does anyone have a catalog which has some items in it which


a}ship via UPS and/or USPS (normal size and weight),

b}other items which ship via flat rate freight domestically and UPS internationally,

c}other items which ship via zone rate freight,

d}other items which require oversized shipping rates

e}other items which are free shipping, and

f}items which based on size and/or weight can be shipped to some destinations but not to others


and, if so, how have you managed to set up your shipping so that only valid shipping options appear to your customers based on what is in their carts.


It appears that Miva Merchant has some modules that might accomplish some of this per This Thread - sure would be neat if someone could hack something like this into osC!

... if you want to REALLY see something that doesn't set up right out of the box without some tweaking,

try being a Foster Parent!

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Mugitty....youre starting to piss me off....I have offered you all these solutions....why can't you seem to realize this....all your solutions exist in the various shipping modules that already exist....my emvs will do all this for you but obviously you havent taken the time to try it out or to even download it and check it out and figure it out....You seem to have no desire to take any weight upon your own shoulders and are simply waiting for someone to serve you on a silver platter.....


Feel free to flame.....


I thought I had addressed many of your issues and offered you solutions.....I must be delusional though as you seem to feel that you you do not have solutions at hand.....


Why not simply do what I suggested and use zones or pips or individual shipping and duplicate them and change them and use emvs or mvs to implement them all....As far as I can tell this would solve all your problems except dimensional suppport.....


But then again....I'm sure you'll disagree......


BTW I have received absolutely NO SUPPORT from anyone on any issue even though support has been repeatedly offered......hmmm......


If you feel like I'm personally attacking you...I'm not....if anything...I have listened and tried to incorporate some of your needs into my contribution.....My beta release is a great first step yet no one seems to care or realize or give a flying....you know what......


I'm sure you'll have some great response.....


My EMVS will handle a-e of your needs as far as I can tell...just insert my case statements into the original mltship.php file and install my emvs with the original mltship.php from mvs and you should be able to implement a-e tonight.....as long as all your items ship from your stores zipcode you need not worry about my zipcode based shipping not working.....


But again I'm sure you'll respond that I'm totally off and wrong....won't you.....


Maybe I'm just displaying misappropriated transference of aggression......


You did not even bother to respond to the last couple of posts in which I explained some possible solutions to your problems in the mvs thread.....did they not make sense?


How you seem to think that you are back to square one is beyond me unless I consider the fact that the more I meet people the more it amazes me that anyone can actually survive once they leave their mothers womb.......



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Actually, the post was more designed to elicit a response from someone who has successfully used some solution in a production environment for a perid of time in hopes of seeing some other possible solutions that have worked for others.

... if you want to REALLY see something that doesn't set up right out of the box without some tweaking,

try being a Foster Parent!

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Well I wish you luck in your search and will not respond any further to your requests as we need not turn this forum into a grudge match.....you obviously don't like the solutions that are currently available which could solve most of your problems......hopefully someone else can help you.....

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