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Error Adding Product


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I am running OSC2.2MS2 with Easypopulate and STS modules installed. Since adding Easypopulate (possibly completely unrelated to my problem), I get an HTML Error 500 any time I complete an action with the product management controls from the admin panel.


For example, when I add a new product, instead of getting a confirmation, I get an error 500. The same if I edit or delete a product. The action completes, but I get the error on the confirmation.


Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to debug this issue? I don't even know where to start.




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Error 500 means that the server is incapable of performing the request - for whatever reason :blink:


I have seen timeout problems with Easypopulate - dunno if you are using this when you get the error?


You could try restoring a backup from before you installed Easypopulate and see if the problem is resolved.


If this does not help locate the problem you should contact your web host.



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I am not using Easypopulate when I get this error. Easypopulate works fine, but the original controls cause the error.


Unfortunately, I did not do the smart thing and backup between installing Easypopulate and STS, so restoring a backup will result in having to redo the changes I did with STS as well, something I would prefer to avoid.


My understanding is that Error 500 occurs when there is an error in a script. I suspect that this is something rather simple, I just don't know where to start to look for it.

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Usually Apache/PHP doesnt give the 500 error.


Maybe you have the IE 6 Bug.




Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB831167)

If you've recently had trouble logging on to Web sites or completing Internet transactions - or if you have started seeing the message "HTTP 500 internal server error" when trying to visit secure Web sites - then you might need this update.

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