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Complete SSL site?


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My hosting company serves a shared SSL certificate and in the document root I have two directories to upload my files: httpdocs and https docs. They say that I have to upload my SSL needed files into httpsdosc folder but it is a little bit confusing for me because I have to classify all osCommerce files as SSL and nonSSL needed. So I thought to configure everything in the httpsdocs directory that leads the whole site playing in SSL mode. Is it possible or does it cause any sideeffects or what do you suggest for me to do?


Thanks very much.

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I don't have direct experience with this but from reading here it sounds like most people with your set-up duplicate the files, one set in the secure folder and one outside.


Getting yourself a dedicated ssl would make this a moot point.


If I planned on running on a shared cert I'd switch hosts to one which does not have the secure folder system because it just seems to be one more headache I don't want to deal with. Lots of providers just have a secure proxy set-up, ie: www.secureproxy/yoursite.com which is much simpler than the secure folder system.

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I have a similar issue. My new host provides shared SSL on a completely different box, separate from my site/control panel, etc. On this box, all I have is a single directory with no PHPMyAdmin or any kind of root access.


I'm rather new to shared SSL other than https://secure.hostname.com/useraccount/catalog/index.php.


I'm also one of the unlucky majority to have very little real knowledge of php. I have, however, successfully installed and tweaked osCommerce in the past.


How does one take an existing osCommerce installation and move the chekout portion to a completely different machine? Is it even possible? Or is there a setting inside the admin area that handles this type of shared SSL?



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Sorry but anyone that uses shared SSL is not very serious about their business. It makes you look unprofessional. You can get your own cert for <$100. If your host can't set it up....change hosts. I'd never buy from a site that uses shared SSL.

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Thank you for your insight. However, if I could afford a certificate, I could likely afford a low-end commercial cart that would be easier to tweak (and reinstall if something went wrong). As much as I love and appreciate osCommerce, I personally would prefer the convenience of full support. I don't have a full IT team to help in case of a crisis; it's just me.


But it's a moot point anyhow, because it's not my decision. I am in a situation where I have to use either osCommerce or another free cart - with shared SSL, with this hosting company. Since osCommerce provides the functionality I'm looking for, my choices are pretty much eliminated. Hence the nature of my question.


This cart is more of a convenience to existing commercial customers. Also, this company is involved in an extreme niche market; it does not generate enough web order income to justify the added expense of a certificate at this time.



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