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Beadcrumb - Top Link


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I just wondered if it was possible to change where the "Top" link points to. I don't want to rid of it at all, i just want it to point to another place other than the root directory.

The shop is behind a secure server, and i have a page on another domain name that is effectively the front page of the site and people get in that way by clicking on the shop link. the url of the shop is something along the lines of www.ssrelay.com/<mysite> and when the top link is clicked it takes u to www.ssrelay.com/ which displays an error because there is no page there.

I would like to change the link so that when the link is clicked it takes u to another domain space e.g www.mysite.com which is how customers can enter the site.

That probably sounds really confusing......


Any help would be much apprieciated :blink:


and yes i do know i made a typo in the subject - its supoosed to be breadcrumb not beadcrumb......

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Pretty sure you can change the value of top in catalog>>includes>>application_top.php and *admin>>includes>>application_top.php


I would assuem though that other links build off of that one, so be sure to read through it all carefully.

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i can change what top points to but it tries to goto a page in mysite which dnt exist. i want it to point to another domain name, which is proving v.difficult, i've searched through the code a thousand times......

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1) back up file catalog/includes/application_top.php


2) Open file in text editor


3) Find this line of code:


 ?$breadcrumb->add(HEADER_TITLE_TOP, HTTP_SERVER);

4) Change to:


 ?$breadcrumb->add(HEADER_TITLE_TOP, 'http://www.yourwebsite.xxx');


I agree with what icx said about other links....test thoroughly.

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I have a question pertaining to the Top link. How do I change the word Top to Home? I've looked and looked and am clueless as to where I'm supposed to make the change. I'm new to php and it is very confusing trying to find something or change something in this platform. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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catalog/includes/languages/english.php or whatever language you are using


define('HEADER_TITLE_TOP', 'Top');

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Go figure. The one file that I didn't look at.


Thanks 241! That solved my problem and solved another issue I was trying to figure out. Greatly appreciated!

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