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Dual Payment Modules - PayPal and Other


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I have a question that maybe someone can give some insite to.


My osCommerce site has been live for approx 2 months and I have merchant services setup with Moneris here in Canada at a good discount rate. Everything works fine for the few intermittent orders that I do get. I was wondering whether or not I should also enable the PayPal module for my store. My products are youth oriented and I was thinking that for those younger customers without CC's having the PayPal option might entice them to purchase using their chequing accounts.


For those of you that have use PayPal as 1 of your payment options what percentage of sales come through PayPal as opposed to your regular merchant account. Would it confuse the customers to have 2 sets of payment options.


I do notice however that with the PayPal module provided with the default installation it states Visa / MasterCard or American Express through PayPal. I assume that anyone with a PayPal account can purchase whether or not they use a Credit Card to fund their PayPal account. If this isn't the case then it doesn't seem to make much sense for me to offer PayPal as a payment method.


Again any advice would be helpful.

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I am interested in this as well... I am trying to set up the Moneris addon... with no luck so far...


when i do get it working... I would like to also enable paypal and allow people to chose whether to pay by creditcard through Moneris... or through PayPal...


Is it possible and or difficult to set things up this way?



Eric B


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