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Hi folks,


I'm working on a site at the moment for a 'real world' shop which would be selling products that are sold in the 'real world' shop. Both the site and the 'real world' shop would be using the same stock of products. Now, I would like to know, has anybody attempted or successfully integrated the two? What would be the best way for the two to use the same stock data (i.e., if the 'real world' shop sells an item, or OSC sells an item, what is the best way for the opposing stocklist to reflect the change in quantity?)?


Apologies if the explanation isn't quite clear.. :)



James : )

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You would need to write scripts that act as 'Triggers' and when a table for 1 DB is altered, it would have to go out and update the same table in the other database.


Not an easy feat, but it can certainly be done.


NOTE: As of Oct 2006, I'm not as active in this forum as I used to be, but I still work with osC quite a bit.

If you have a question about any of my posts here, your best bet is to contact me though either Email or PM in my profile, and I'll be happy to help.

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I have been trying to figure this one out for ages.

At the moment i have written a very crude page that listes everything on my os store then i manualy go through the real stock and make a note of quanitys and update my os store. Again manualy.

As I put everything through the till when i sell it online to keep the stock records right this works but is a bodge.

What I'am planning on doing is. My real database can be exported as an access database. So i just need to write an application to query the real stock and update os or access accordingly. i could then just automate this once a night.

I'm not saying that I know exactly how to do this. But in theroy it could be a systm that once set up could tick along quite nicely.

let me know if you have any more ideas



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