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A few things...

Get rid of the languages and currencies boxes unless you're going to have multiples.

your reviews box's image isn't showing up.

it is very hard to see your products because of the actual pictures.

The slogan in the top right is a bit blury

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You might make your header table background black so there isn't white space to the right at higher res.


I like your color scheme. It seems to look good with your products image backgrounds.


Keep working at it.

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cherck your alignment on your header and footer files - they align left or default - looks like they should be centered and also what Dan said immediately above - header background.


Logo could maybe use some "umph" and i would suggest shooting your photos on a dif background color - that beige wall or whatever it is really takes away visually.


On your category pages you have some colum issues and some width issues.


One other suggestion would be to spend a few minutes on some less "cliparty" graphics.


Just my 3 cents.

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Not a bad start! B)


I would try to work on the graphics some more. Make sure none of them end up appearing "squashed" or "stretched". Stuff like that says to me: This guy did not take enough time to really make the store look good. Also, the pics of your merchandise are kind of dull in comparison to your color scheme, which is nice BTW. Find a better method of taking prodcut photos, the way they are right now just does not entice me to look any further than what i see on the main page.


Like the name Bargain Hut too ;0) Just something about that which makes me smile...


Take a peek at my site, let me know what you think:




Keep it up!


-Tyson :lol:

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You do know that the spelling of bargain is wrong, don't you? Just checking ;)


Assuming it's intentional, this might confuse people who type it in using the correct spelling. Or worse, it could send that traffic to another site.

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Given your product I do not think that the Infobox should be used a s much as you use them. If you continue to use them I would make the borders thinner - a border setting of 1 or 2 but as think as you have them now.


I think the the New Products module is more suitable for your site. I expect more selling and bigger pictures. I do not like the color choices - these colors are not very lively. I am a design guy and tend to focus on visual balance. The way the site is layed out I think that the items are surplus vs. being new item selling at a bargin.



I hope I not being too rough, but that's how I see it. You will get a chance to poke holes in my shop as soon as they decide to post it.


Good luck with your site!

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My WebpageI have changed some of the things suggested. i am working on the info boxes. I am new to this so it takes some time. Please keep grilling me on changes. thanks in advance.



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I'm not saying I have the best web site out there, but here's my 2--


From building my own, I know harsh criticism is the only way to make it that much

better. The following views are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Internet, its affiliates or users. :ph34r:


- Missed the "r" in "Free shipping on orders ove(®) $50" at the top.


- Drop "X requests since Y" In footer.


- Center the top banner, or make it bigger.


- Drop the visa/mc/amex etc from the top banner and put it in the footer. I don't think I've seen a store with it at the top.


- You're reviews box is kinda jacked up a little, it happens sporadically, I couldn't get the error consistently to let you know.


- IE gave me "done, but with errors on page" on the bottom.


- Look at some big name sites to review their privacy, return and shipping policies for ideas on how to improve your own.


- I like the chat mod, but can you shrink it down to be the same width as the info boxes there?


- This is a hard one but here goes. Perhaps find a couple of hot friends to model the clothes for you. I think as far as clothing web site, people want to see what it'll look like on them, not the hangar or table. That and happy smiling people gives them an idea of what kind of exciting lives they should be leading. Couple that with a quality digital camera should help spruce those pictures up, like someone else said, it looks like surplus clothing. That or some more wire framed mannequins like you have in some pictures to start.


Thats my 2 cents, well, more like 3, but you get the idea.


I didn't want to be mean, I'm just hoping this information helps you. :P

9 times out of 10 its a PEBCAK Error (Problem exists between chair and keyboard)


Replace that and you're fine...

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1) Those blues are not working together. Go to the site below and work out a complimentary 3 or 4 color scheme.




2.) Fix your header to be page width at all resolutions.


How to do this, in a nutshell: (assuming you have a clean MS2 install)


a) Take your header and cut it in half in the middle black area.


B) Crop both your images in length (leave the height the same) and cut out as much black area as you can. This will leave you with two images- one that says Bargin Hut and one with the motto and credit card logos.


c) change your header.php around line 55 where the header image table is located. The idea is to make two variable width cells, one on the left, aligned to the left, with your left header graphic, and one on the right, aligned to the right, with your right header graphic.


It would look something like this:


         <TD Width="50%" align="left" bgcolor="#000000"><?php echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT) . '">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'leftheadergraphic.gif', 'Bargin Hut Rocks') . '</a>'; ?></TD>
         <TD width="50%" align="right" bgcolor="#000000"><?php echo  tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'rightheadergraphic.gif', 'We accept all major credit cards'); ?></TD>


(Before the CSS nazi's get all over me, Yes, you can do this all with DIV's and CSS. I was just demonstrating how this would work in a simple one page hack for someone with limited experence.)


This would give you half your header on one end of the page, half your header on the other end of the page, and a black background in the middle to make it look like one big huge image at any screen resolution.


3.) Put actual product descriptions for your products. CAPITAL LETTER VERSIONS OF YOUR PRODUCT NAMES will not cut it with people who want to spend money.

My advice comes in two flavors- Pick the one that won't offend you.


Hard and Cynical: How to Make a Horrible osCommerce Site


Warm and Fuzzy: How to Make an Awesome osCommerce Site

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People pretty much covered it and I dont think I need to say much except the first thing I hated was the teal blue color. That about killed my eyes so it was tough for me to move on any further.


Try to get some higher quality/more professional looking graphics. I could design some up for you in the next few days but I wont be around after Friday.


I'm not a professional graphic artist but some examples I've done for myself are on the following websites:



www.cdi-ink.com and



feel free to email me if you'd like:



PS: I dont want anyone to assume this is spam or solicitation of customers. I'm just offering to help free of charge.

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Wow , thanks so much for your help. I am really struggling with this website. I have put everything into this mentally and financially. So all this help is greatly appreciated. I will work on trying to make the changes every suggested. I have to make some sales. thank you



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It's good if your looking for the Walmart approach, as in, no visual appeal at all. Otherwise, I would suggest carefully redesigning the store to be more appealing to the eyes.

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I'm not saying this is the perfect header but I made it for him hoping he would go from there or ask me to rework it for better coloration but he seems bent on his blue one.


Here's what it looks like:




I know the colors don't work but the font seems more appropriate to a "hut"

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