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Adding fields to OScommerce forms


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Hi, I'm a network admin and I'm fairly handy with programming/scripting, but not enough to make heads or tails of OScommerce on a macro-level. I've already made some tweaks to it, and changed how several aspects worked by trial-and-error. I've read the wiki and searched the messageboards and the best answer I've found is to read application-top and everything will become clear. But I don't grok the use of classes and functions in OScommerce, nor the ways they relate to each other. Being neither a specialist in programming nor a details-before-abstract person, I've given up (for the moment) on understanding it. So I'm just going to ask humbly for some advice. If it's too complicated to explain in a short email, I'm also willing to accept bids from anyone who would be interested in getting paid to do the work and explain how it works (I'll make a full specification if this needs to be done).


Basically I just need to add fields to the OScommerce forms at several locations ( mostly account creation, checkout), and store them in the the database with the customer/order record - simple things like "organization/title", "your reason for taking a class", and changing "gender" to a "form of address" text field (I deal with Doctorates and Ambassadors, who can often take offense at being addressed Mr/Ms). I know there are multiple files I'd need to modify, and several classes/functions I'd need to use in order to do this. It really doesn't seem like it should be all that difficult - I know how to query/update a database in php, but everything is wrapped in undocumented functions. So if someone can just give me the "big picture" I can code the details (and hopefully contribute them back).


Thanks in advance - hope someone can illuminate.



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