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The e-commerce.

Please critique my site


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The site is about 75% done and I'd appreciate some comments on the general layout and design. It's not much different from the standard OSC layout...so don't ding me for that ;). I wanted to keep it simple and focus on the products instead of having too many distractions.


Please ignore the links and navigation, since this hasn't been set up yet.


Be honest...I can take it! :D

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I do like the colours - very nice.


However, the whole of the front page middle bit seems to be one image. It would be better to break it up so that each separate section links to the appropriate category. by that I mean that the handbag picutre links to the handbag category etc.


You can still keep it in the original layout - just make each image a link.


Slightly confused as to why I click on the handbag category and it show me a picture of a necklace - I assume the products side of things is still in development . . .


But I really do like the colours and the layout - very classy.


Good work - keep it up!

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Thanks, folks.


Yes, the main page area will be linked to various categories and products when finished. I just threw some images in there for the time being. I know that the descriptions don't match the products...otherwise we'd have some pretty confused customers, LOL :D


What do you guys think about the logo? It's just typed in arial at the moment. You think a fancier font would look better? What about the logo graphic? Does it look professional enough?

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I really like the colors, too, and I think your logo looks quite classy and professional.


The only thing that I might be inclined to change is the color of the green horizontal bar underneath the pink/green one. Where the green in the top bar is on top of the green in the horizontal bar, it seems to throw it off balance a bit to me. What about trying that solid green bar in the purple that you use in the dot in your logo? (Or using the purple at the end of the top line, and sticking with the green below it?)


Good job!



Terry Kluytmans


Contribs Installed: Purchase Without Account (PWA); Big Images, Product Availability, Description in Product Listing, Graphical Infobox, Header Tags Controller, Login Box, Option Type Feature, plus many layout changes & other mods of my own, like:


Add order total to checkout_shipment

Add order total to checkout_payment

Add radio buttons at checkout_shipping (for backorder options, etc.)

Duplicate Table Rate Shipping Module

Better Product Review Flow


* If at first you don't succeed, find out if there's a prize for the loser. *

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I rather like the green bar and the arial font is fine - it is clean and elegant. You have a good eye for design It's a nice touch to have the 'sale' a slightly lighter shade than the 'style' - it just looks . . . right!


The only thing that I could possibly find to criticise about the logo is that you don't use the purple for the dot any where else so it just seems kind of stuck there.


Perhaps you could use the deep pink of the square SS graphic instead.


Also the font of the Top >> Catalog might be nicer if it was the same font as the category headings. That or the same as the My Account and Shopping Cart links.


Also the pink of the 'please visit our sister site' graphic is a different shade and looks slightly wrong. Again, perhaps use the same pink as the square graphic would bring it all together.

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Thanks a lot, guys, for your compliments :D You made some good suggestions...I'll see what those changes look like. I might also change the infobox header backgrounds to pink instead and use a maroon text.

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Nice crisp design, I like it.


Your site loads rather slowly, probably because the total size of your images is 123361 bytes, and the total size of your home page is 147622 bytes, which will load in 34.42 seconds on a 56Kbps modem.

(per http://www.websiteoptimization.com/)


Also, consider removing the Product Notification box, I think that feature is designed for software sales, to notify people about patches, updates, etc ...




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Hey guys,


I changed a few things with the layout...let me know what you think now ;)


BTW, when adding the mainindex html and images, is it better to creat a separate html file and link to it from within the index.php file, or is it okay to just copy and paste everything into the index.php file? Does one way load faster than the other? At a minimum, I guess having a separate html file would make it easier to edit.


Thanks a lot!

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dude - if you are going to have that big image on the main page - add this to index.php or the html page you create if thats the route you go as you mentioned just above:




Turn that damn IE image toolbar off - it really - to me - detracts from your site when that stupid thing pops up - even more so when your key text is in that image.


Just my 2 cents on a rather nitpicky item. Otherwise i still like the colors :)

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That huge index image is screaming for an imagemap.


If you are going to put big product images on your index, the people need to be able to click on them and go to their respective category or product listing.

My advice comes in two flavors- Pick the one that won't offend you.


Hard and Cynical: How to Make a Horrible osCommerce Site


Warm and Fuzzy: How to Make an Awesome osCommerce Site

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Sorry, I should have mentioned that the main image is going to be sliced and diced and everything linked up, once I finalize the layout.


Virtual1, should I still add that meta tag if the image is sliced into several smaller ones? When does the IE toolbar typically show up?

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because the image is there? I would add it but thats me. I have it in my pages and particularily in the popup pages for the images in product listing....


I'm being overly obsessive about it but it can be annoying when you move your mouse over a pic and that stupid bar pops up. Just another way Gates gets on my nerves i guess.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi guys and gals,


Well, the site is just about ready to launch, except for uploading all of the products. I made quite a few changes and would appreciate your final comments and suggestions before we go live. Be as tough as you can! Thanks ;)


BTW, the url is now different from when I first posted this thread, so use this link instead:



I still need to finish the gift certificate and referral program pages, so please ignore those.

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There is a missing image on your main Accessories page, where the "what new here" gif usually is.


There are 10 pages of products for Handbags, have you thought about sub-catagories. That is a lot of pages for someone to go through.


A few of your product images have a background. Can you make them all with the white background?


I would want a bit more information before making a purchase. Such as an option for "blue" or "orange". And add some more information. Right now you have "Vintage fabric with fringe. Available in orange also." Maybe add what vintage fabric it is made of, the lining, the size of the outside/inside, etc. With products like yours and clothes the more informtion the people have the easier it will be for them to purchase.


Your maglogos.gif doesn't do anything. I was expecting to be able to click on them. Without being able to click they just seem pointless.


I think there is something broken in your code on the links pages.


Do you really need "gender" and "date of birth". The "suburb" always throws me off. I have no idea what to put there.


There is no shipping charges calculated on the order. ????


I would cut down on the number of countries that you sell to. Most of those you won't get orders from and I hate long lists.


If I buy a bag for $65 you will ship it to Australia or Russia for $19.95 ????? You may want to rethink this policy.


Styleshowcase.com and its carriers will not be shipping or delivering on:

New Year's Day

Presidents' Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day


I think people already know this and does not take into account all your international customers.


Styleshowcase.com charges sales tax for orders shipped to California. Recipients of orders shipped to other states are responsible for complying with state and local tax laws.

I would add a section on duties and taxes for international customers. Most will probably be charged their countries tax when it enters their country. Just to clarify it a bit.


Some of your pages from the links at the bottom are in different fonts and colours. Your "About Us" page has your pink font with the blue link. I prefer that over the font and colour of your "Privacy & Security" page.


Privacy Page section 9 says "click here" with nothing to click.


Excellent Privacy Policy, very well done :) A++++++

Excellent Terms Of Use Policy, very well done :) A++++++


Your copyright on the bottom says "? 2003-2004 Styleshowcase.com. All Rights Reserved." but on the pages such as Privacy it says "Copyright ? 2003 Styleshowcase.com. All worldwide rights reserved."


On your Gift Certificates page there are no numbers in the quantity boxes and the links to the right of those boxes are broken. And your "button_in_cart.gif" is missing.


Excellent site, I really like the soft colour. For a more less stock osC store you have done an amazing job at making it your own.



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Great site, I love the layout and the color scheme. :D The only thing that I can see, is that you may want to up the number of products you show per page from 10 to 12. It will keep people from thinking that you have no product left in that particular category.

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:lol: Nice color kinda match this year summer fashion .


I am new of os commerce community . could you tell me which contribution

for your shop by price ? and how it make it work ? thx

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You might want to check your setup. I got an error highlighted where osC was saying it could write to your configure.php.


I don't know the cure for that, but I thought I'd better point it out.





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