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I am recieving the following error:


FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!



Now, I know it sounds like an easy fix, but my register_globals is already enabled!! I'm not quite sure what the problem is since they say they are already on. Anyone know why I'm still recieving that error?

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Alright, I ran a phpinfo.php script and the script states that my globals are off. :blink:


The php.ini says that they are on though. Now I'm confused... but it sounds like maybe I need to go to a php forum instead of here. ??


If anyone can still help though... I'd appreciate it.

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I fixed it. It appears that there were 2 php.ini files. I was apparently changing the wrong one. :rolleyes:


Once I changed the php.ini in the C:/WINNT folder, everything popped up. :D

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Create a script file like phpinfo.php with the following line.


<?php phpinfo(); ?>


Then point your browser to run that script.


About the 5th line of the output will be


Configuration File (php.ini) Path


This will show you the full path of the php.ini file that your web server is reading.


Make sure you change that to set globals on then you HAVE TO restart your web server.




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