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The e-commerce.



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To visit my new shop CLICK HERE

This is my first international site (7 languages) so at first I'm curious for translation errors ANYWHERE! I've used the STS contribution and the affiliate program to come to this.

HIT ME HARD!! hehe



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It's a good looking site.

Why the brithsh and american English? Is there a diference? why?


Other then that, I'd lose the stock osC images (like the top right corner one).

and size down the Al Products. It's scary!!

Change the search image (the magnifying glass) to onw with a transparent backgrount, to fit the rest of the site. And use the same image for all languages (look at your dutch image...)


your privacy policy seems skimpy and unreliable. I'd go in to further detail...


your logo- the text is barely visible on the light background. You may want to try having it in dark blue instead of white.


Other then that, the site looks good.

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Hi Ethan,

First: Thanks for your GOOD reply!

I've used a separate English and American language files because in the order process a brittish custumer wants to pay in GBP and not in USD. In the language files the default for this is settled so now an American custumer pays in dollars and brittish in pounds.

Today I'm going to change the things you said!



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Mis-spelled 'by' => 'bij' in 'powered by OSCommerce' at bottom of page.


Maybe change 'categories' to 'many styles to choose' or whatever? Something less stock and personal to the products.


Other than that, site looks good, however, you might want to change your OSCommerce user name. I mean, who wants to buy a 'knap'pie doo? :lol: Just kidding.


good luck,


We stand in ignorance only for questions not asked. Plug up the leaks in your knowledge base and open up a flood of understanding.
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