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UltraPics and updating database


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I read this in the directions...


run the SQL script into your database with PHPMyAdmin or other DB Manager...


Sounds simple enough right?


I have phpMyAdmin and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this.

I have searched here and other docs for this, but I cannot seem to find an answer in plain english. ;)


I am new to sql, I have used access for db only. Maybe it's the sql 'language' that's confusing me.. queries, processes... I am learning...


Any help would be great. Thanks!



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You need to log on to your database, you might have to get the username and password from your host, select the databse, click on myphp, this opens access to the database. Click on the database name at the top of the tree on left side of window you will be given a new page on the right side. scroll down and you will see a box with a SQL statement in it. This is where you want to overwrite this statement with the one from your mod. When you hit enter key it will run. After that you should get a prompt saying everything is ok or something to that affect. Close that window, click log off on next page and your done with that part.

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"scroll down and you will see a box with a SQL statement in it."


This is how far I get before I get lost. When I click on the database in the tree view, I get five tabs structure - sql - export - search - query

Am I even in the right place?


:blink: I have been doing things on my own for close to 7 years, but have never used this sql before, so please excuse the ignorance.


sql_ultra_pics.sql is the script I am supposed to somehow run right?

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Thanks. I figured it out. I will go back later and write down what I did in case anyone else searches for this.


I haven't figured it out yet; can you (or someone) post how to finish this?




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Sorry, I keep thinking I should post here when I am busy doing something else..

I ended up doing it by copy and pasting the .sql file into the textbox, if you want those directions, I am sure I could go back and figure out what I did again.




I installed another contribution, the category descriptions, and in it I found these directions, which was A LOT easier!


If you're using phpMyAdmin, you can do the following:

1) Connect to phpMyAdmin using your web browser

2) Select the catalog database

3) Click on the 'SQL' tab

4) Click on 'Browse' button beside the 'Location to the textfile:' input box

5) Navigate to the db_changes.sql file in the file dialogue box and click OK

6) Click on the 'Go' button


the text file is that file that ends in .sql it is called something else.sql in the ultra pics contribution.


Hope this helps!



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I followed the directions, and got this:




SQL-query :


INSERT INTO configuration_group( configuration_group_id, configuration_group_title, configuration_group_description, sort_order, visible )



'112', 'WYSIWYG Editor 1.7', 'HTMLArea 1.7 Options', '15', '1'



MySQL said:



#1062 - Duplicate entry '112' for key 1


This wasn't the first time I've tried this, so I guess it's possible I'm trying to overwrite something I put there earlier.


However, I still can't upload multiple images, although I have enabled multiple images and the php image manager. It seems the wysiwyg editor is functioning, although I haven't tried to use it. My main goal is to have multiple product images.




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