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database table structure and restore


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I need to restore to a backup of my shop, but I don't want to loose the products that have been entered since the backup.. (something like 400 prods!) What is the best way to go about this.


What tables do I need to backup/create temp store tables/or whatever is the best way.


I was thinking of creating temp tables based on the structure of the tables I need and then insert them those rows into the real tables once the backup has been restored. Is this the way to go about this???



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If your products don't have any attributes you need to backup the products and products_description tables. I would export the data (without structure) with phpMyAdmin, restore the old database and then check the products_ids before inserting again. Maybe you have to adjust the product_ids manually?





P.S. You would have done this anyway, I guess, but just to remind you: better backup your entire database before doing anything. ;)

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Hey Weisser,


I basically ended up doing something similar with every table I thought was related to products. I created temp tables in and did a insert into select *. I then inserted in the backup db tables where those rows did not exist. The prod_id's lined up b/c thankfully, I asked them to stop entering products when I realized there was a problem. I had a good backup with the ID's. I just inserted where the id's began. It may not be just right?? But it works for now and if I have to do some more data manipulation that won't be as bad as losing all that data.


Thanks for your input.



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you can also do a full backup from the admin panel, tools, backup database, this gives the full sql which can be downloaded and edited at your local machine

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