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I need help on this one - I have a problem that is stopping me going live with my site.


For my products I need to display the main item with price and description, but then take payments for Deposit, Balance and several choices of addons that can be ordered at a subsequent date.


I can do this by using product attributes, but can only do this if I zero the main item price then charge per attribute which isnt ideal. Is there a way I can display a main item with price - say ?300 then sub split this to a deposit option of ?100 and a balance of ?200?


Its really got me frustrated as hell !!

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The OSC shopping cart as almost all are not set up to do invoicing and accounts receivable. What you are trying to do is not what an e-commerce shopping cart is supposed to do. What you need is a business package with e-commerce extensions.

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Not sure I understand your response...


Im not trying to invoice or do accounts....


All I want to be able to do is give a customer the ability to firstly pay a deposit then come back and pay the balance when he is satisfied with the product supplied.


eg. for product x on first visit pay ?50 deposit


Product then delivered


Then customer returns and pays balance for product x






No different really than having different pricing options

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Well, lets see if we can disect this a little.


1. customer selects product - adds to cart - price 300


In this case thats all they want.


2. customer is going to check out - comes the shipping screen


3. customer selects shipping


4. customer at payment method screen


This must be the point at which time they are prompted to choose direct purchase or lay-a-way (partial payment)???

Customer is offered fixed % for first payment or is this flexible????

After customer selection - payment amount is created - so it can be transmitted to the credit card processor - andf the balance left to be paid is created based on the total price + shipping + tax - or is the payment amount based on grand total??


a. Order_products needs two new fields Payment_received and balance_due

b. order_products_attributes needs two new fields products_attribute_payment_received and products_attribute_balance_due

c. The partial payment amount has to be listed, either as a fixed pre-figured amount or in a list of different amoun ts for the customer to choose.

d. order.php has to altered to except theinput from payment_success.php to be entered in to the database.

e. checkout_payment.php will have to be altered

f. languages will have to be altered.

g. invoice.php - altered

h. e-mail confirmation - altered


Two totally new php files created - 8 to 10 existing files altered - new database entries configured.

I think that is about 40 - 60 hours of changes, writing, testing and loading...

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Dont think Im explaining myself properly.


What I want to do is something like what product attributes does but slightly different.


What I want to achieve is for a buyer to select say product 'x' with a displayed price of say ?250 and then be taken to the product screen as normal, where the usual product description is given. - so far so good.


Now I want the buyer to be able to select a deposit option (lets say ?50) before being taken to the checkout.


Receipt of the deposit would act as my confirmation to carry out the work for the customer. When I have completed the task I would like to inform him to return to the site and pay the balance (?200).


I dont need to link the deposit and balance together at any time for invoicing etc I want this to be as simple as possible and will treat them as seperate transactions.


I think product attributes is almost there, but not quite - maybe Im missing something fundemental - Im new at this !


All I can think of so far is to either zero the price of the main product and have attributes for deposit & Balance or to have a seperate products for each component under a folder which would be the main item.


Thanks again



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What you posted Mar 10 2004 sounds like something we require for our online oscommerce goth cloth nappy/diaper shop. (based on full total, payments being flexible and no goods sent till full total recieved - were talking new mums to be and low incomes)


I was planning on just running a computer based database but if it is possible and you have done all that hard work..... we would be willing to try it out for you:)


Phoenix xxx

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looks interesting


we are interested.


would you be looking to charge us for this modification? If so how much?


(typically british... if you can get away with paying nothing....)


We are just starting so budget is very tight... especially as the 'main' website is a literacy promotion program and the other sub site is a parental support group for those who have lost a child (the nappy site is the only shop)

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forgot to mention, we already added the voucher/discount modification i picked up from here (Credit Class/Gift Vouchers/Discount Coupons (Version 5.10))

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