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Checking search engine rankings


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To further help with SEO of osC, I thought Id give out this link to try out these great tools.


"I just found an interesting set of tools on this site too.. allows to see pages you have indexed, PLUS about 7 other search engines with a check box displaying which pages are displayed on each of them."



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This website  has a free guide for getting ranking in google [wrong link] but they send you pdf file link in your email.




Thanks for publicizing my book and for subscribing to the newsletter. But that's actually the wrong link. The link to the free book comes with subscription to the newsletter, also free. The one you've linked to normally retails for $97. So TheWebCircuit is right about that - don't pay for it, it's free. I won't post the link here because I'm not here to sell books - just wanted to clear that up.


If you want any other information about me or the book, Google my name, "Abayomi-Paul". 9 years online and there isn't a negative reference to me anywhere online. I encourage you to check me out, and please talk to my other clients before you ever get something from me. Or anyone else for that matter.


To get a little more back on topic, I presume because of the date that you saw the article I wrote on SiteProNews.com that day. If not, you might check them out first, some of their articles from this year might be a better place to start than my site. Also try www.lilengine.com, www.gorank.com (lots of optimization info on Yahoo and Google, as well as a comparison, PLUS it's free), or www.searchguild.com. Hope that helps.


Thanks. You folks have a good day.

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The link...http://tools.veoda.com/ ...didn't work for me.

Is the site down or something at the moment?


I have a pr of 2 at the moment, and i have submitted to google.com, and all the other majors, as well as some free ones...such as frapid.com, but does anybody know what bands make up each pr level?

EG...1-10, pr 1, 11-50 pr 2, etc etc?




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