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The e-commerce.

Is it ready to go live ???


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Hi everyone,


I have been reading a lot of posts here and find them all interesting, and it's nice to see what other people have come up with design-wise using OSCommerce.


Anyway, I would like to know what you guys and gals think of my store. However, instead of general comments about the design, I would really like to know how the store works for you, is it easy to use, navigate and place orders ??


I have made some changes from the standard OSC layout, but for the moment, I would really like to know how it works for people, as I have had a few problems whilst getting the shop up and running. Once I know it is going well, then I will start more to play about with the overall design of the shop.


A couple of things though that I still need to do ....


The privacy, contact us, etc pages. Will work on them later tonight.


The product called PayPal test is just there as I was trying to get the PayPal IPN contribution up and running.


Anyway, the site can be found HERE !!!


If anyone wants to place a test order, just to let me know if the transaction process went smooth, then you can use .........



USER NAME test@test.com




Thanks a lot and I look forward to reading your opinions.


Alex :)

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Is the problem where the contents of the page display down underneath the info boxes on the left instead of where it should be displayed ??


I seem to have this problem on certain pages and from what I can work it, it is because of a </table> tag usually missing.


I will have a look and get one fixed.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look and let me know.



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I like a couple of the things you have started here:


1.)The blue on white color scheme was not lost on me :lol:

2.)Your menus seem to have a sort of 3d feel to them which I like


That said there are a couple of things I would improve before going live:


First, a customer has to do a lot of scolling to get all of the informtion you have on your main page. You may be able to go a font size smaller or perhaps find a way to have multiple pages containing the info you have listed on the front.


Second, your store feels very empty when I look at it. It almost reminds me of walking into a store in liquidation, you can almost feel the bare shelves when you look at it. Try to do something with all the bare space in there!


Take a peek at my site, you can see how I tried to implement some of these things


My Webpage


-Tyson :lol:

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Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I really appreciated your comments.


I never noticed until you pointed it out about the amount of scrolling on the main page. I have reduced the number of paragraphs and that seems to have helped. I did try now as well to change the font size, but it just went too small, and for some people I am sure would be unreadable.


I know exactly what you mean about the store seeming empty. However, at the moment, as we are just testing the waters so to speak, we are only listing the travel guides which you can see. However, very shortly, we will be adding some other products as well. This is why in the categories menu, instead of me listing all of the subcats that are found under travel guides, I have used just the one Travel Guide cat for now, as it will make things a little easier in the future.


I had a look at your site, and I really liked what I saw and the design and ease iof use of it all. I too hope to add a few more features to my site, but I just wanted to make sure first of all that my site is working properly. I guess I am looking at it from the point that


"If it works but doesn't look so good, then the design can be changed. But if it looks amazing but doesn't work, whats the point ??"


Anyway, thanks again for your valuable comments. They are much appreciated.


Take care



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You have a visually busy site, and your transition from the store to the forum is not smooth.


I suggest you consider keeping the same banner as the user navigates the site, and tighten the transition from forum to store and store to forum.

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can I just ask what you mean by transition to the forum ?? The link to the travel forum that I have on the store is just a link to the forum that I have been running for a year or so now.


It is not a forum that is related to this store, but one that I have included a link to, simply as I feel that it might be useful.


Also, what do you mean by the banner and navigation ??


Sorry, but I am a little lost here with what you are saying.



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