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Linkpoint problems


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I've tried using both Linkpoint Basic and Linkpoint MS1-MS2.


MS1-MS2 bombs out with the popular cURL error message.

My host service provider says cURL presents a security problem and refuses to implement it. When I call Linkpoint, they claim that cURL is not necessary to implement MS1-MS2 and had me download their latest API. Sure enough, the manual says cURL is no longer necessary, although it can be used (and I find out today that a new version of Linkpoint emerges on March 15th, just to complicate matters, God bless 'em. I'm assuming previous solutions will still work under the new implementation, but we all know what it means to assume).


Has anyone programmed an API solution that did not involve cURL? I would love to have it.


Linkpoint Basic works in the sense that sales are registered, but fails in the sense that it doesn't tell me what was ordered - a rather important point when several items are ordered, especially given that some of them are priced the same.

That is when I have the THANK YOU page in Linkpoint set to the checkout. I"ve read through the forums and someone was of the opinion that you have to have a dedicated SSL certificate, not shared SSL, although the docs say OpenSSL will work.


Has ANYONE got this to work on shared SSL without cURL either in BASIC or API implementations? I don't much care which works, at this point, I just need SOMETHING to work. I am in the process of moving my operations to this new service provider, IX Webhosting, and I don't want to have to trash it and start all over.

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