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Live Data Feed for Dealtime & Bizrate.com ?


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Hi all,


Just wandering if anyone has worked out or created a contribution allowing us to create a data feed of all products in Os-Commerce so that we can send it to shopping directories like Bizrate.com and dealtime.com ???


I have just signed up with BizRate and they expect a data feed and i'm stuck !


Lookin forward to some help !






GadgetWorldOnline - A Whole World of Gadgets



Tel. +44(0)161 612 2268

E-mail. anthony@gadgetworldonline.com

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  • 1 month later...

ok since no one has, ive starting creating my own. if anyone wants/needs this type of feature let me know.

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magicant - When I went to have a look at your site it took well over 5 mins to load on two separate occasions, you might check with your hosting provider and see if they are having difficulties (or if they just need to be replaced - try JiffyNet www.jiffynet.net they're great.) Sorry to bring bad news.




(I use industrial strength DSL by the way)

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  • 4 weeks later...

anyone know how to get the corrected output for Bizrate. They changed the way they cotrol the various feeds a day or so since a very kind person made the mod.


I have changed output in mod script to cater for the additional headers but bizrate says by output is still not in the correct format of 15 fields.


Anyone have some kind words of advice.








The Suisse Watch Co.

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