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The e-commerce.

STILL trying to change the Header HELP


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Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in C:\webspace\mdscorp\cathylynn\cathy-lynn.com\www\catalog1\includes\languages\english.php on line 78


Then I got an X where the new image should be -- Is it because the image is bigger than the OS image???


Can anyone help me put the text in the right place?

Below are the instructions ... THEN Below that is what I think I'm supposed to type for my info ...

THEN MOST IMPORTANT ... where exactly on English.php do I paste the text?


//define header image information

define('HEADER_IMG_PIC', 'yourimage.gif');

define('HEADER_IMG_ALT', ' Welcome to whatever you want here ');

define('HEADER_IMAGE_LINK','http://www.example.com'); [this will open your page up in the same window]

define('HEADER_IMAGE_LINK','http://www.example.com" target="_blank'); [this will open your page in another browser



//define header image information

define ('HEADER_IMG_PIC', 'G5-masthead.jpg');

define ('HEADER_IMG_ALT', 'Welcome to Gallery Five');

define ('HEADER_IMAGE_LINK', 'http://gallery5.com"target="_blank');



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define ('HEADER_IMAGE_LINK', 'http://gallery5.com"target="_blank');

you are missing a space

define ('HEADER_IMAGE_LINK', 'http://gallery5.com "target="_blank');

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