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Just curious as to how those with stores went about marketing their site without spending huge amounts of dollars? I'm planning on advertising in a magazine and possibly doing a print run with some advertisments in black and white and going mail box to mail box dropping it off. Any suggestions as to how to have good impact quickly?

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There are various ways of promoting sites without spending a dime, I have spent many months prepping my sites for marketing support and not run a single add that cost me anything. I can tell you from experience there are all these link back programs and to be honest they are all CRAP as far as I have found. The best way to do it is through trial and error.

The true method to working your site is working the engines and although this sounds easy its easier said than done. I have spent days reading and reivwing things such as the top KWPhrases and various other methods. Also do not be deceived many engines do not even search KWs any more and yes I knwo this sounds like a WTH answer but its true. There are also many various online publications that are totally free that can help you generate traffic.

But trust me when I tell you this when creating your contents for your site and your KWs do this wisely spend some time and use Wordtracker this thing is the best way to get good help.

Yes I also was going to spend some insane Dineros to get some publicity then I talked to some of the top engines specialists they laughed at me and said this.

Daryl how do you think the best sites got to the top, I said through trial and error. They said yoru right and you will also. They said work the engines and affiliate with other sites out there. Linkbacks are also one major method to it. Do not fall for all this hype about what these affiliate programs say they can do though. The best way is to find people who are willing to affiliate with your site and exchange links sets.

I hope this helps out and message me if I can help you in any way.


P.S. Reply to lynns reply, it is actually a Federal Offense to open anyones mailbox I do not suggest this, if your going to run an add run it in a small newspaper or like the recycler etc... You would be amazed how much traffic these sites get...


Take care,

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