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The e-commerce.

Broken Images


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Hello. I am very new to osCommerce and to eComm in general. (just to clear the air).

My girlfriends family owns a shop and I want to create an online store for them, but just for practice and a bit of fun, I installed apache,mysql,php, and osCommerce on my linux box to 'fool' around.

Anyways, the installation seemed to go fine. The problem I am having is when I attempt to view the catalog from a windows machine on my network (I don't think it has anything to do with windows but the information doesn't hurt) all the images are broken. But when I view it from my own machine

http://localhost/catalog then everything works fine. I've tried playing around with


but I don't think that is the issue of the images would be broken on both machines. At first I thought it was a permission issue but opening up the permissions wide open #chmod -rf 777 catalog doesn't help the issue either.

It could possibly be an apache issue too since I am using a stock/default install of apache.

Anyways, just hoping to shed some light on the issue.


P.S: Besides oscommerce.com is there some good documentation or knowledge sites that would be recommended to a beginner to this field?

P.S2: Besides fooling around on my own machine, is there any good places on the net that would allow me to install osCommerce for free (for non production purposes)




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It seems as though that the reason why the pictures are not loading (at none of the links work either I just learned) is that all the images are pointing to the localhost in configure.php.

So, I changed that to its lan ip and bam she (osCommerce just seems like a she to me) is working.

Sorry if anybody reads this and I waste there time



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