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The e-commerce.

Hm, what have I done!?


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Oh no! I have been working on my oscommerce for about 2 weeks now and finally starts to get things working and looking the way I want. I have installed a few contribution and changed some of the oscommerce code and layouts.


I'm starting to get to the point where I can start adding all my 1500+ products to the database but there are some problems/bugs that have to be taken cared of:


Mostly cosmethic stuff...

Will take care of that in some way or another!


Install SSL

(haven't even tried yet)


Product notification and Newsletter don't work

(haven't looked into this but I think it's got something to do with MaxiDVD_ultra_image_html_editor.zip which replaced the files related to that)


Categorymenu to the left

This is something that's really bugging me. I have changed the code somewhere in some file/files so that the original tablemenusystem is replaced by a dropdownmenu ala manufacturers-box but don't want it anymore. I have really searched everywhere (!??!) even tried searching for differences between my files and the original oscommerce files but no luck whatsoever. I have installed the STS contribution if that has got to do with it but it shouldn't be, but I have really, really searched... So what files and codes affect the Categories box? The file ../boxes/categories.php is not altered with!!! Ah, I'm going crazy... have to drink tonight! :blink:


Btw, osCommerce really rocks, soon I hope at least, hehe! :rolleyes:

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