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Auspost Airmail errors


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I downloaded the auspost contribution and all of it seems to work except for the air mail.

In the admin in the modules list this module is listed as:


Shipping Modules




And when a user orders something the calculations seem to work but the text displayed is incorrect. An example of what its doing is this:


Shipping Method

This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order.






Has anyone encounted this before? All the rest of the options from this contribution seem to work AusPOST Parcel Post etc.


If anyone has any ideas whats going on here i would be gratefull.




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I too installed the Austpost Module. I don't have an answer for you but I do have a question.


When I test that the module has been installed on my site corectly I get the error connection to http://drc.edeliver.com.au failed.


I have visitin the Austpost site & it appears I have to register with Austpost for the module to recognise my site.


Is this correct? Did you have to do this?

Any other tips as to how you got the module operating?


Thanks in advance



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I havn't had your problem sorry.


Have not a clue whats going on for u but as far as I know theirs no need to connect to another site for it to work. It seems to be all based on built in calulations. Unless we have stumbled onto diffrent contributions


But thats just my guess.


As for me- im still having this thing not wanting to work.


Im using AusPOST v2.0.2 author Steve Kemp and am still getting the problem listed below.

It seems to be a display problem as its seems to be calculating the shipping correctly but is displaying the wrong text as listed below in my original post.


any help- please!!! :huh:




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