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post organizing uploaded products images

Andrew J

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When I inserted a product with image etc. through the admin interface every images uploaded into /catalog/images folder regardless the product has a product category folder or not.




Prod. cat. / product / image


Nikon / D2H / d2h.jpg


Inspite of this the d2h.jpg was uploaded in the /catalog/images.


Is there a way to post organizing the images like in the release 2.2ms2 was by default? Where should I edit the code if I change the directory tree?



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Finally, I found someome else with the same problem.


I have not taken the shop into use yet, because I want to think thrue all aspects to reduce the workload after you descoverthat something is not working the way you planned ......


The images thing was one of them.

After registrating 500-600 products the /images folder would be crowded with images with absolutely no structure.


A fix for this would be greatly appreasiated.


I would also like a mod. for displaying a little "gallery" when clicking the thum

bnail. In this way it couldbe added more than just 1 picture to each product.


A fix for this would be greatly appreasiated.

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It seems that this is really the BIG BIG problem of OSC.


I am spending a lot of time to understand this and to try to fix it.


In practice it should work this way:


when a new manufacturer is inserted then all the prods belonging to it should go under the manufacturer/ directory but they go under the catalog/images/ that creates a lot of confusion and obliges to keep a file with the name of the images uploaded in order to avoid to overwrite product images.


The same applies with manufacturer images and with category/subcategory images.


It is really a mess. :angry:

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What would have been the best, is if the structure of the /images folder had been just the same way as you organize your categories/sub-categories.

If this process had been automated you would always know where the images of your products are stored. This would also ease maintainance of removing pics when deleting products.

(of course this should also be automated, but we can't ask for everything at once....)

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