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Charge according to Location and Weight


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Dear Developers,


I have started this shoping site. The problem I face is as follows. I need to charge some one according to the weight of the product and the location he is from eg.


Location Weight Price ( Product Price + Postage )

Location X 100gms $200 + $10 = $210

Location Y 100gms $200 + $100 = $300

Location Z 200gms $400 + $10 = $410


How can i go about doing this.



Warren Brian Noronha

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I'm unclear on something, you need to charge someone by weight and location. But in your example you show product price + postage.. Are you wanting to charge shipping by weight and postage? Or charge product price by weight and add postage?

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Some of the available shipping modules will query the shipping company servers for live shipping quotes based on location - I am working with a UPS module at the moment.



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Hello Friends,


See what happenes is when a person buys some thing form us. the postage services charges us according to the weight and location so i need a module that will automatically calculate it in the last step.


like if i buy some thing thats 1 lb of x and i stay in the same city i pay $100 for that 1 lb of x + $3 on postage


but if i buy 1 lb of x and stay in africa i have to pay $100 for that 1 lb of x + $20 on postage.




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