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The e-commerce.

HELP install step #5


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ok 1st time to use osCommerce


heres the site



my domain name is registered and website is hosted by ehostpros

my login is adamjm35



ok im in the install steps


step #5


what do i enter for the Database Server??? (adamjmccombs.com ?)

username?? (my exsising name: adamjm35 or a new one?)

password?? (my exsisting password?)

database name?? (do I have to go create a new database in my cPanel? - I do that and everytime i create one such as "osCommerce" it sticks adamjm35 in front of it so it looks like this: adamjm35_osCommerce )




what do i do??

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On a shared server usualy the name is localhost

user: your username should be adamjm35_adamjm35

password: your password

database name: adamjm35_osCommerce



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i entered exactly what you said and this is what i got



New Installation


osCommerce Configuration


A test connection made to the database was NOT successful.


The error message returned is:


Access denied for user: 'adamjm35_adamjm35@localhost' (Using password: YES)


Please click on the Back button below to review your database server settings.


If you require help with your database server settings, please consult your hosting company.

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From cPanel if a database called adamjm35_osCommerce is created.


Make sure you have created a user that can access the database from cPanel. Have not used cPanel. Assuming it has a way to create

a user and password that can access the database. Sorry to see you have been trying this for while.


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ok finally got that to work!


problem #2!!!!


on install step 7 this comes up:

New Installation


osCommerce Configuration


The following error has occurred:


The configuration files do not exist, or permission levels are not set.

Please perform the following actions:


* cd /home/adamjm53/public_html/catalog/includes/

* touch configure.php

* chmod 706 configure.php


* cd /home/adamjm53/public_html/catalog/admin/includes/

* touch configure.php

* chmod 706 configure.php




If chmod 706 does not work, please try chmod 777.


If you are running this installation procedure under a Microsoft Windows environment, try renaming the existing configuration file so a new file can be created.



what am i supost to do?

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Use a file manager from cPanel or use an FTP client

then change the file permissions to 777.


If you have shell access do run the chmod command exactly like it says.


By the way. The oscommerce wiki documents the

installation pretty good.


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