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Somebody please help. I have ripped apart my store and I still cannot get the Security Padlock to remain. Please look at the following to see if somone can figure out what is remaining unsecured...




I have been driving myself crazy with this and I don't know where else to go from here...


:unsure: :blink: :(

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evidently you have something programmed totally wrong, have you been mucking around in the code to try to get it to work?

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Nevermind and thank you... I figured it out. One of the posts said to change the order of the 'SSL' : 'NONSSL' around in the index.php. This is what was causing my problems after I ripped the store apart and changed that part. In the process of rebuilding the store, I found my original problem link that was causing the unsecured pointer and fixed that.


It all works... I've created a MONSTER :P

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