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The e-commerce.

Oscommerce loads slow in browser


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Hi everyone,

I don't know if shopping carts in another languages loads slow as oscommerce does, but anyway, this is the one of us, so I would be happy to look for ways to improve the load time of oscommerce.

I don't have much experience in php, ecommerce, etc. but I bring this topic up since the research does not provide so much previous comments about this.

Please, give us ideas and tricks we can do to improve this lovely cart.



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far -


i'm a bit confused as to why you feel that osCommerce loads slowly.


certainly, there are many more elements such as on-page factors, connection speeds, browser, etc. that determine page load times than just osCommerce's cart. simply stating that a site running osCommerce as their content management tool/cart loads slowly is not a fair assessment without qualifying your other on-page factors or where in the process you are experiencing slow times or the browser you are using or your connection speed and so on.


why don't you post your url and so that you may receive some feedback on your site's construction.


in my opinon, osCommerce, as it is out of the box, is not slow at all. like any code though, the more elements, code, etc you add, the chances of slowing down the load/parse time may increase. less is usually best.



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I understand you.

In my case, and what I used to judge the slow of osc is comparing with another carts, and another websites. I come up with a DSL connection, IE 6.0, Netscape 6.2, P4 2.53, 512 mb memory, and I don't think that under that power I should noticed that is slow. Of course, there is another point; the hosting server, and I can't tell you anything about what hardware they have, so may be this is one of the reasons. I don't know, may be is not osc but the php code, that runs a little slow than html. I'm not an expert, I'm new to all of this, and this is why I posted the message; to get help.

I'm building an store now, it is not finished, even more, I'm starting now with this, but anyway, here is the link:



thank you for everything.


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farn -


like the others, i see nothing but quick load time on my end(dsl connection).


i know that i have a few sites that are co-hosted and if a site that is co-hosted on the same machine is using a high % of the cpu, then our sites slow down.


if it remains a constant issue for you, you could certainly contact your hosting co. and see if they could switch you to another server.


anyway, best of luck.

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