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Bonkers .htaccess behaviour - assist req.


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Hi guys.

I've just put a new version of osC-MS2.2 up, and tried to configure the admin security settings. But it ain't happening.


In the end, I had to call tech support at my ISP (DSVR.co.uk) and the guy told me that the .htpasswd had the wrong sort of password in it, which turned out to be true, so don't always believe what you read in the docs on here...!


The problem is, now my password works ... but ... only when I type it in twice!

ie, the prompt comes up, in goes the username and passwd, it says no.

in it goes again, and it says ok, come on in!


Anyone got a clue? My blood is starting to boil with this...





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Your probably being authenticated to two different Realms (directories)... admin and then another. Check to see if you have an .htaccess file in any other directories other than admin. If you do just keep the one at the admin directory, it will apply to all sub directories as well.




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I can look but I think it's unlikely, unless I'm overriding a default.

It's a completely fresh install...


All I've done is add the relevant info to the existing .htaccess file in the admin dir.

That is, the AuthType Basic etc as listed in the docs on www.oscdox.com - these are the same settings as anywhere else. The only thing is, because I've got a virtual hosting package I've put the password file within a directory in my /www/vhtdocs folder, which is *kinda* out of sight of the web.


No other ideas...

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