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Need Explaination- 2 shops 1 mySQL


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Hello, im looking to start a web site. The hosting company is giving me 2 different domain names. I want to split them up and use them for 2 different sites. And they give me 1 mySQL database. I need an explination, on if i can actually split 2 domains up into 2 different sites on the same account, but have them share the same mySQL. And how do i get osCommerce to work with it all?

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You can set the two domains up on the same server with no problem. Each domain/customer will have his own oscommerce source code and associated configure.php files that point to the proper directories and also contain the database information (username,login,database).


I'd try to get your ISP to give you two databases on the server, defined (i.e. osc_domain1, osc_domain2). This would keep it simple.


That being said there is a thread and a contribution that actually does alot more than what I'd recommend above. You might want to check it out.






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the simplest way to do this with 1and1 (they are not going to give you another database, and you won't need it in reality) is to add prefixes to the tables in one or both instances of osC that you will be running.


this will create tables that have different names and there will be no cross-over of data. you'll simply be inserting data and making queries from one shop to one set of tables, and for the other shop to a different set of tables using the same database.


just make sure since both shops will be dependant upon that single database that you back up the db often.


there is a contribution called PREFIX that you should be able to find that should work fine.


also, 1and1 may (depending upon plan) offer a shared SSL, and you can also purchase a dedicated ssl (but you have to do it through them, they will not install it, or let you install it otherwise). the shared one is a pain to make work, but it can be done, the dedicated one is very easy. see if they will allow you to use 2 dedicated certs. their dedicated ssl cert pricing is charged on a per month basis, so it does make it a bit easier to do if funds are scarce.


this is all assuming that you will be using one of their shared hosting options, not a dedicated one.

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try www.Firstcallhosting.com

they offer unlimited sql databases & shared ssl on there platinum hosting for around ?70-?80 a year.

1 and 1 only offer 2 sql databases for a lot more money

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