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Minor SSL Annoyance - Any ideas?


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I'm sure this is a really stupid question, but I've got to ask it...


From customer login to check-out, users are getting the following SSL error:

This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?


Any ideas on what I might have missed? I don't know if its been doing this the entire time the site has been up, but I've started getting questions about it. It won't kill me or anything, but I'd like to smooth it out if I can. I've also checked as much as I can to be sure that all my image refs use the domain name that SSL is aware of... can't find anything!



Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!



Nerf- :blink:

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These are most often images you call outside your secure connection - you should always use the osCommerce image functions. I once had an annoying one hiding in the stylesheet :huh:



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Didn't know this would be a problem, but as it turns out, I had a small Flash animation that I was using in the header. When I inserted this animation, it included a script for what to do if the visiting browser didn't have Flash. This link was the content that was upsetting everything!


Pulled it out, and the site runs great!


Thank you for making me look closer!



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