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The e-commerce.

High Volume, PayPal, Merchant Accounts, etc


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We have a relatively high volume business that we are planning to bring onto the web via a storefront and/or Ebay. We're still running offline right now.


I know that running an online business requires an e-commerce capable merchant account. I also know that Paypal is a helpful tool for accepting payments online (since so many people are already using it).


My questions are as follows:


(1) Can anyone recommend an internet merchant account provider that provides services for high volume retailers ($350,000/month or more)?


(2) How does Paypal handle large volume clients? Do they withhold funds for extended periods, or will they do automatic daily transfers of funds into our business checking account?


Any experiences you can share on this topic will be most appreciated!


Thank you. :)



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This is how paypal works:


You create a free merchant account with them. The only fees you pay are per transaction (a per transaction fee + a percentage commission). The money is deposited into your PayPal account. You can get a debit card for your account, but to get it into your regular checking account, you will have to do a transfer manually. This takes 3-4 days.


They also offer free BillPay from your PayPal account, so you may not need to have all your money transferred.


I don't know much about any other processors...I'm sticking with PayPal.


hope I've helped a little.

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Yes thank you.


Problem is... I've seen many articles about Paypal freezing accounts and withholding funds for MONTHS. This makes me wonder if they are geared to working with real businesses in the real world. If our funds were held hostage, we couldn't pay our suppliers, we couldn't pay our employees, we couldn't stay in business.


So...can anyone comment on Internet merchant service providers that don't have these quirky hang-ups?


Thanks again.

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authorize.net is probably the easiest to integrate.

however, i want to clarify something for you before you learn the hard way.

authorize.net is not a payment processor. they are a payment gateway.

what this means to you?

they only process the internet payments for your merchant account that you have to establish with someone else.

so, in summary. you will need both a merchant account and a payment gateway.

and i would have to say, be careful about who you use because of the hidden charges.

also, i want to add my personal experience.

i signed up with charge.com, which is CardServices/LinkPoint.

they said instant approval, etc, etc...nothing of it was true.

it took 3 days to get my account set up...but i understand it takes time. i just find it bad practice to advertise one thing, but deliver differently.

in addition, they froze my account because when i filled out the application, i typed $1000 for two slots that should have actually been different numbers. my fault, but they failed to inform me of this. i only found out after trying to process a sale and hours of trying to find the problem. i think they could have sent me some sort of notification of the problem.


i am currently looking at Echo Inc. they seem to have decent rates and are easy to contact. i can't vouch that they are any better than CardServices, but they are definitely easier to contact.

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