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Using Login and create account. form same page?


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To make lige simpler, i thought I put both the login and create account form on same page..

I tried to add the login form to the create account, but i just uses the create account form.. ;)


I did remember to close both forms </form> and the tables too .. what to do .. maybe I should try making an include site instead ?


Any experience in this ?

Lots of smileys rewarded :)

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To be honest I think this approach actually confuses prospective customers. They see this huge list of info they'll have to type in and run. What about the peole who already have accounts I guarantee they will be confused by all the extraneous info on the login page.


I built a page exactly like Amazon's login page. Two radio button 1) I have an account and here's my password 2) I don't have an account yet. The continue button does the right thing when clicked. Simple, foolproof.

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I dont think they will work with ms1 .. mine is the latest ms. or almost.. its from december.. anyways no pouint.. it dosent work..


To zoomer.. I know.. but I plan to use autologin, so costumers are always logged in...

And the login bar is placed in a good way so that it dosent look confusing.. But yea see your point.. I havent decided yet .. just trying to cook the site down to a minimum..there is so many unnessesary pages.. especially in checkout zone..


Any suggestion to fixing to the codes are welcome


(here are the promised smileys.. thanks for replying.. )

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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