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The e-commerce.

H E L P ! ! !


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LOL! Well I got this forum figured out hahahaha! Now to figure the rest of this out! Ugh!


Ok I have downloaded this and have been reading through the instructions but I have ZERO formal computer training so most is like reading Japanese to me!


Is there a set of very simplified installation guidelines published anywhere? Is this even something I should tackle myself? Or are there people I can pay to set it up for me?


I am fairly intelligent (or at least I used to think so) and I enjoy learning new things, but I am completely baffled here!


Well I am going to be here trying to do this and waiting hopefully for a response.


One specific question I do have now though is.... can this be installed in a sub domain or will that make this that much more complicated?


Thanks in advance!



PS: If anyone wants to contact me my ICQ# is 7038779 or AIM is MysticBlues2U!

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This can be installed on a subdomain fairly easily.


Are you running your own apache server or shared server at an ISP?


In order to learn this your just going to have to ask alot of questions and do alot of trial and error. Can be pretty daunting if you have no computer background at all.


My best advise is to go get a book on Apache and PHP. Read them and use as references. Google is also a big help most questions you have have already been asked before.

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Shared ISP Server. I actually had a wonderful guy install this on my main domain, but as I had feared, when I try to use MS Frontpage it attempts to delete what he did. I am thinking about getting a seperate domain just to host the store now. Any thoughts here about Frontpage conflicts?

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Oh, I hate Frontpage! Can't help you there.


I run my own dedicated server - It's easy to setup subdomains. Wouldn't know offhand how to do this in a shared environment. Ask your host co. or if they run a forum ask someone there.

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open your server pages via frontpage, right click on your catalog folder and select 'create subdomain' (something like that). frontpage handles subdomains differently. you will not be able to edit your catalog files with frontpage, you need a php editor to do this. find and download phpedit or something like that, it works well.

then frontpage will not try to change the themes, etc on your catalog

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My knight in shining armor strikes again :) I did what you suggested, unfortunately it screwed up the pages. I did attempt to save the folder before hand so am hoping I can salvage it.


I went in and set up a subdomain called catlog. Now I need to wait for dns servers to pick it up, so we can see if I was successful.


I do have a question though... surprise, surprise lol


Does that folder have to be called catalog or can it be renamed?


Thanks again! You are the best John!


Liz :P

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