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How to tell what Snapshot version I have?


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I have an older snapshot - back to mid 2002 I think, anyway how do I tell what snapshot version I have as each of the php files have different dates depending on when they were last updated.


Basically I want to move to the MS2 and I know there has been DB changes etc and many other changes and I want to move as much data from the existing shop to the new MS2 version but want to make sure I do this correctly, even if I have to export the table data and enter them manually.


Once I know what snapshot I have I'll then ask for help as to the best way to move to MS2.


Many Thanks



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about 20 lines from the top of /includes/application_top.php you will find a line similar to this:


// define the project version

define('PROJECT_VERSION', 'osCommerce 2.2-MS2');

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Thanks but that only tells me its a CVS


PROJECT_VERSION', 'osCommerce 2.2-CVS


Is there anyway to tell the date or the snapshot?


The application_top.php file has this at the top


$Id: application_top.php,v 1.247 2002/08/13 18:49:07 dgw_ Exp $


Is that the date of the snapshot?


If so how can I find out the best way to transfer the data (even manually) from that version to the MS2 version?



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you can upgrade your database..




You must use the upgrade script included in the /extras directory in the new MS2 version to upgrade your database..


I made a successful upgrade to 2.2MS2 from 2.2-CVS

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