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The e-commerce.

OScommerce features????


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I am doing research for a new online store I will be putting together.


How would you compare OSC to other shopping carts solutions

Is it simple to integrate OSC to shipping programs, accounting, etc.




I see a lot fo messages here about bugs and errors. Is the program reliable for a professional online store????



Thanks a lot for your help.

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I am using osc on a trial basis just now, sort of exploring before I put my site 'fully' active, I too was a little curious as to what standard of product to expect. As I am still in the learning curve just now I cannot say how it compares to other shopping carts, or in fact how well it can integrate with other programs - but I am sure one of the veteran forum posters will let you know...


All I can say is don't worry about 'bugs and errors' most of the problems I have had so far can be put down to teething problems and most of the posts you read in the installation forum are similar - once you get it running smoothly it looks after itself - and with a massive amount of contributions available I have no doubt that osc will last the distance and become as professional a package as anybody could need...


My opinion anyway...

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I have just started using the Osc package as a preference over all others I researched. Why ? Because it is so damn simple. Any problems you encounter will be ironed out by all the valuable contributions found in the forum. A new post is always replied to by somebody in a prompt and friendly manner. It really is a community.


I bought a web site about a year ago that cost me a small fortune. I thought the functionality was superb and offered everything I needed and that was without including any of the add-ons on offer either. I later found out that the site was an Osc cart and was a free open source program. I could have kicked myself. Knowledge really is everything and there is certainly a lot of it available on here. Oh ! and its freeeeee !!


Don't take my word for it though as this is just my opinion. Its a free program so why don't you download it and play around with it using some sample products (it comes with these anyway) and see how you get on. Make a decision based on your own findings. If you have any problems at all, don't be afraid to ask. You will find everybody to be very helpful.


Best of luck



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I have used Miva when I used a managed virtual server that included it. Then when I leased an unmanaged dedicated server I bought another "expensive" fairly well known cart that I will leave nameless. On the surface it looked great, and seemed to be fairly flexible. After I started configuring it I found that support for it was pathetic. As I went along, the list of things that either couldn't be done or would require paying the source company for custom programming grew longer and longer.


So I looked around very carefully and found osCommerce. I have been working on configuring it with many of the mods available during my spare time. It is the most versatile cart software that I could imagine. It sometimes takes a little work to get different mods to work with each other, but not beyond reason.


To put it simply, I like osCommerce better than anything else I have studied or used and the community is very helpful.

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I just had to jump in here to say how wonderful I've found the support to be.


I'm fairly new to CMS systems but have tried just about all of them recently to find the "one" that would be the simplest solution for me, my business and my clients.


I tried osCommerce for just a second before being lured to a branch off that seemed to have sooo much more. But, after struggling with the other systems and waiting forever for support (and sometimes not getting any at all) I kept coming back here ... and seeing how much support there was and how dedicated the members and developers are ... so I came back.


I'm very happy with the decision. It's just a lot less worry and a whole lot simpler. And being on a schedule, or having deadlines most of the time, having the support is invaluable.


But then .... I'd never have come to the realization if I hadn't experimented with everything else first ;o)


Now, I can say, without a doubt, that this is the best all around solution.


Take care and good luck in your ventures!

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