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K.. here's the setup


I do mail order as well as stock... I want to wacth my stock but when I'm out of stock I want to still allow orders, while the product_info page displays "Available ONLY by mail order"


What has happened is that whenever I set a product to "out of stock" it disappears from the product list.. I've search the pages for the parameter that controls this but I haven't been able to find it..


If anyone could point out the line of code that causes the product to be removed from the product list when the status is set to out of stock I'd be grateful.


My store is HEAVILY modified so replacing entire pages is a no-no for me.


Thanks for any help.

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I need almost the same feature.


OK, let's say I have a product that is not in stock and instead of showing 0 I want

it to show the date when I have it in stock.


Is there some way to make the "Date available" and the staus to not in stock when adding or editing products to show in quantity?

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Thankfully, there are no files to alter for this one.


You can do it all via your Store Admin.




1) Go to your Admin.


2) Click on Configuration in the left column.


3) Select Stock in the Configuration Menu.


4) Click on the "i" icon on Mark Product Out Of Stock.


5) Click on the Edit Button


6) Input whatever text you want to display e.g. Available On Mail Order Only.


7) Save it.



Once done, the line "Available On Mail Order Only" will automatically appear on a product info page when the product is out of stock.



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i have a similar but slightly different problem. I need products to not appear when they are out of stock. My client sells one off items so obviously when they are gone they are gone. They do not want their catalog full of out of stock items. any ideas?

always here to offer some useless advice....

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Yes, I know of a contribution that may help.


Go to Contributions and search for Product Expiry Date.


Of course, it's not QUITE what you're looking for, but it's the closest one I know to your request.



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